Collection: Newsprint Paper

Our newsprint paper rolls have been used for years by the moving industry to pack dishes and as a void fill for boxes. Smooth, pliable, and easy to work with, they're a great earth friendly void fill alternative to styrofoam and plastic.

  • 30 lb. basis weight
  • 1200' per roll
  • Sizes 12” – 36”
  • Contact us for custom-sizes and bulk pricing
Newsprint Paper
Item # Description Length Per Roll Price Per Each Quantity
NP12 Newsprint Paper Roll - 12" x 1200' 1200 $22.10
NP18 Newsprint Paper Roll - 18" x 1200' 1200 $31.45
NP24 Newsprint Paper Roll - 24" x 1200' 1200 $28.05
NP30 Newsprint Paper Roll - 30" x 1200' 1200 $51.00
NP36 Newsprint Paper Roll - 36" x 1200' 1200 $61.20
NP48 Newsprint Paper Roll - 48" x 1200' 1200 $72.25

Don't see the size or grade you're looking for? Contact us for custom options.

Newsprint Paper FAQs

What is newsprint paper?

Newsprint paper is a light weight paper made mainly from wood pulp.

What is newsprint paper used for?

Newsprint paper has a variety of applications, including newspapers, void fill for packing jobs, table covers, and arts & crafts.

Do we offer bulk pricing?

Yes, we can offer bulk pricing on all our products. Contact us with bulk pricing inquires.

Don't see the size or grade you need?

We have the capabilities to produce many custom sizes. We also can supply other grades. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.